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Rabbit Night Lamp
Rabbit Night Lamp

Rabbit Night Lamp

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  • Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warm light
  • LED Bulb
  • 25 x 25 x 50cm
  • 1.5kg

Eccentric and fun, creative and cool, and perfect for just the right type of environment- this rabbit night light is original, distinct, and undoubtedly charming.

If you want to give a quirky and unique gift, this rabbit night light is an excellent idea for children-- or for the rabbit lover of any age!

Made from eco-friendly plastic and weighing less than 2 kg, this lamp emits a notably warm light and makes for a fantastic decoration in the thematically light-hearted areas of any house or place of business. At 25 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm, the size is substantial, and this high-quality lamp will certainly draw attention!

Combining fun and functionality, this original night light is a real stand-out. For anybody looking for a nice and relaxed warm light which comes from an ironic and uncommon shape, this rabbit night light lamp makes for a great option, providing a quality of light which is perfect for low-key environments around the house. Whether you are in the game of collecting bizarre decor standouts or are just looking to add a little burst of surreal absurdity to your own home or place of business, a rabbit night light like this will surely do the trick.

While this sweet plastic rabbit night light is perfect for kids, it will also work as a gift for anyone in your life with a sense of humor and a room featuring a lighthearted or quirky design theme and atmosphere.

Despite the slightly humorous appearance, the quality of this substantially-sized rabbit is not something to be taken lightly-- this is a well-constructed, high-functioning source of light. No matter where it is placed, this well-dressed rabbit light will draw attention, but does not get in the way. This is not a small or sleek option, but- with the warm light that this night light exudes- the size of the light ends up paying dividends.

This cartoon-ish rabbit night light is a lovely addition to a room, and functions as a conversation-starter even when it is not being used to light a space. It is important to note that this is specifically a night light, not a lamp or an actual light fixture.

The plastic used to construct this rabbit is entirely eco-friendly, and- even though the whole contraption only weighs 1.5 kg- it is incredibly durable and sturdy in its build. In total, the rabbit night light comes to an ideal 25 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm; in size, the rabbit night light makes its presence felt without entirely taking over a room by being “too big”- still, you want a decoration like this to be somewhat noticeable, and this rabbit night light succeeds in this regard.The night light only functions with LED bulbs, which have distinct benefits, as well.