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Copper and Gold Mug

Copper and Gold Mug

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  • Modern Style
  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Metal
  • Handgrip
  • Size: 10 x 8cm
These metallic modern style mugs- made from fashionable stainless steel- are ready to enter your life and make a serious impression.

With their amiable copper or gold coloration, they also work as wonderful gifts for the coffee lovers in your life-- so, do not hesitate in giving a gift which can be appreciated so deeply by so many.

Complete with handgrip, these 10 x 8 cm metal mugs provide a fresh and wonderful new way from which to drink coffee, tea, or any beverage you choose.

Consuming coffee is serious business, and these stainless steel mugs are up to the task.
Not only does consuming coffee constitute as "serious business," but what we drink our coffee from is something that we have every right to be extremely particular about. There is no use drinking from a coffee mug that you don't feel passionate about, and, for a lot of people, this is the tragic scenario to which they have found themselves accustomed.

Why not invest in a metallic mug which is stylish, hip, and timeless in both its durability and style?

Perfect for the casual coffee drinker who enjoys finding style in the small things, these cups stand out (yet blend in) around the house or office.

Some styles go out of fashion, while some seem to be eternal in their aesthetic appeal. There is something about stainless steel, gold, and copper items which always seem to retain their naturally decadent integrity.

Complete with a functional hand grip, this brass copper mug is a perfect example of that. It is true that most coffee mugs are not metal, and it is also true that most coffee mugs are not exceptionally stylish. They say that correlation does not necessarily equal causation, but when you reverse those variables, an effective formula for a very fashionable mug becomes apparent- such is this simple stainless steel creation.

Coming in at a size of 10 cm x 8 cm, a healthy amount of coffee can fit into these stainless steel solid copper mugs- which can be purchased in a gold tone, as well.

The stainless steel used to make this product is of a very high grade, and these mugs promise not to be rusting or falling apart anytime soon. In fact, these sturdy steel cups are the kinds which can last you a lifetime.