Chic Gold Print Porcelain Mug
Chic Gold Print Porcelain Mug
Chic Gold Print Porcelain Mug
Chic Gold Print Porcelain Mug
Chic Gold Print Porcelain Mug
Chic Gold Print Porcelain Mug

Chic Gold Print Porcelain Mug

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  • Modern Style
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Handgrip
  • Capacity: 300
  • Size: 8.8 x̴ 8.8 x 9cm



Stunning in their modest beauty and admirable in performing the function in which they' designed, these modern style mugs are eco-friendly, incredibly crafted works of ceramic.

At 8.8 x 8.8 x 9 cm in size, they are ideal for a cup of coffee.

Complete with a slick handgrip, this particular series of four white and gold coffee mugs features cups made from high-quality ceramic and encapsulates everything that people have fallen in love with in regards to the “white and gold” aesthetic, boiling it down to something as humble and unpretentious as a coffee mug.


An elegant wonder of modern decor, these gold and white coffee mugs make a splash with a fresh take on one of the simplest and most cherished elements of an individual's day. Life is all about the little things, and so is decor. When we stop settling for mediocrity in every element of our lives- including the mug that we drink coffee out of- our standard of living seems to improve considerably. This evocative combination of colors and image-based textures allows a humble mug to become an elegant and decorative expressions in decor.

At 8.8 x 8.8 x 9 cm in size, the mugs are ideal for a cup of coffee, but also transcend their basic function as kitchenware items and become essential elements of home decor. Each of the mugs in the series is practically a work of art. Made with admirably eco-friendly ceramic, complete with lovely hand grips, and built-in the perfect size dimensions, every single one of these coffee mugs is able to leave a strong impression on a guest, and start your day off right.

The gold impressions on these beautiful mugs are timeless in their style and lovely in their aesthetic, generously providing a warm, beautiful, and functional presence within your daily routine. Whether you purchase the “love” mug, the simple heart mug-- in which the handle and the heart are the only traces of this decadent gold-- the designs are different, but equally impressive. Also, there is a slightly more stylized gray stripe mug, in which the line of smaller hearts is surrounded by a tasteful gray, with which juxtaposes the golden handle and rim with all sorts of grace. The last mug in this series is a simple array of gold stripes.

Basically, these mugs are stylish enough to make a statement, but won't stand out as "too much" around the house or office.

Although each is a solid contributor in itself, an entire set of these mugs makes for a substantial injection of taste and modern beauty in your kitchen collection.

For any coffee lover in your life, one of these mugs makes for an extremely thoughtful and kind gift. We all know people who have their favorite mug- in which they routinely pour their favorite type of coffee, which is made in their favorite method of preparation. Any of the options in the collection can become that magic mug for you or somebody else in your life.