Kokoro™ - Traditional Japanese Dinner Plates
Kokoro™ - Traditional Japanese Dinner Plates
Kokoro™ - Traditional Japanese Dinner Plates
Kokoro™ - Traditional Japanese Dinner Plates
Kokoro™ - Traditional Japanese Dinner Plates

Kokoro™ - Traditional Japanese Dinner Plates

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Kokoro (Japanese: 心) means "heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings" in Japanese. Conceptually, the term unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit, seeing these three elements as being indivisible from one other. 
Drawing inspiration from Kokoro and incorporating traditional Japanese styling with contemporary values, we designed these versatile dinner plates to be the perfect gift for loved ones and durable enough for daily use. 
  • Traditional Japanese Style
  • CIQ, EEC, CE / EU, FDA, LFGB, SGS Certified
  • Porcelain Ceramic
  • Underglazed
  • Dishwasher Safe

    These traditional Japanese ‘Kokoro’ plates are beautifully designed, affordably affluent, and culturally luxurious.

    The plates are available in four different styles, and each is available in three sizes; any of the designs and models of this product can be purchased within a range of three sizes.

    The decorative designs separate these plates from standard dinner plates; the aesthetic is inspired by the idea of 'Kokoro', which alludes to the correlation and unity between the core elements of human existence- referring to balance between mind, body, and spirit.

    These sturdy ceramic traditional Japanese dinner plates are also dishwasher safe, so they do not require particularly gentle washing practices.

    This set of unique, interesting wares can find a home in a wide variety of dining environments, and stand out in any home's serving repertoire. These are “Kokoro” plates; Kokoro, in Japanese thought, is a word evoking ideas regarding the ‘heart,’ ‘mind,’ and ‘spirit.’ The designs are inspired by this idea of Kokoro, which alludes to the balance and unity between the core elements of human existence. The first design is a spiraling blue and white that moves inward toward the core of the circle; the complete design is nearly hypnotic in its beauty. Another model has a similar color combination, but it is almost impossible to describe the design using words-- despite the chaos, the image produces a sense of order and peacefulness. The third design is copper and bronze, aged and rustic in a beautiful way. Finally, the fourth design is a spiraling series of dashes moving outward from the middle of the circular plate.

    These luxurious plates are perfect for anybody who appreciates Japanese culture and wants to bring an authentic touch of traditional style with a contemporary flair into their home. Available for purchase at an impressive and reasonable cost, this series of 'Kokoro' dishes also makes for a great gift idea.

    Conveniently, there are small, medium, and large options to choose from. The smallest is a three-inch mini-plate, not meant for dining, but almost as a small plate for snacks or even a coaster. Meanwhile, the medium Japanese dinner plate is a typical 6.5-inch plate- not meant to hold an entire large meal, but perfect for a few items. These are still dinner plates, nonetheless, even though they do not necessarily contain a full ‘large’ dinner on them, by many standards. The 8 Inch plate, however, is perfect for the main course. The 8-inch plate is practically perfect for larger dinner items; still, one must to remember that these dinner plates are inspired by Japanese dining traditions, which holds a very different perspective on food types and quantities than many Western cultures.

    Although these plates are built from porcelain ceramic and demand careful handling and usage, they are also constructed to be durable enough for daily use. By design, they are also purposefully under-glazed.

    The plates are produced in a traditional Japanese style, and the set is certified by CIQ, EEC, CE/ EU, FDA, LFGB, and SGS.