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Clear Terrarium Vase

Clear Terrarium Vase

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  • Glass & Crystal
  • Clear Vase
  • Wall Mounted

Each model in this quirky & cool series of wall-mounted plant holders is able to keep your decorative greens and flowers alive and healthy in a way that enhances the entire style profile of the room in which it is placed.

Made from clear glass & crystal, this clear terrarium vase is a perfect example of the age of unbridled creativity we live within-- as far as the world of decor goes.

Available at an incredibly low price, these wall-mounted vases each offer something unique, eccentric, and elegant, with each shape working well on its own or in partnership with others in the series. Each of these vases is incredibly classy and sophisticated.

This compelling series of wall-mounted vases will keep your plants alive while enhancing the entire style profile of the room in which they are featured. The age of the conventional, milquetoast vase has now passed-- those days are over. Today, people demand decorations which transcend their functionality with a high level of creativity, class, and ingenuity; in this modern world, there is no excuse for choosing dull decor. This line of quirky geometric terrarium vase is a perfect solution- combining sophistication, fun, and functionality.

Four different shapes make up the options within this terrarium vase series. The cylindrical vase is long and tall, while the basic round shape is short, circular, and robust. In the middle of the two, there is also an oval vase. Finally, there is a hexagonal option. Each one makes its own statement and can stand alone as a pillar of office or living room decor. However, when used in conjunction with each other, a combination can create and complete an aesthetic theme within a room.

Completely clear and transparent, one can see the way in which the roots go down into the water, and the green, vibrant leaves begin to emerge from the top.

Made from crystal and glass, perhaps the most charming thing about these is the way in which they mount upon the wall. Not only does this placement mean that the vase will catch the eye in an ideal way, but it also means that you do not have to take up surface area on a table or shelf. Indeed, being able to mount your plant holders on the wall directly creates an abundance of space. Considering the fact that this item's alternatives are generally placed on tables or shelves, this is an unconventional way of smartly using space, significantly more efficient than mounting them upon the wall. Somehow, this is an uncommon tactic, of which this particular terrarium inveighs takes full advantage.

Quirky, hip, and ready to make a profound aesthetic impact on the living or commercial space which you are decorating, these wall-mounted clear terrarium vases are available at an incredible value.