Storm Prediction Glass
Storm Prediction Glass
Storm Prediction Glass

Storm Prediction Glass

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Once found in every tiny coastal community throughout British Empire’s island colonies, storm prediction glasses are once again becoming a common element in everyday homes-- not just for their practical purpose, but for the mystical appearance that they bring to the table. 

  • Material: Glass & Crystal
  • Storm & Weather Predictor
  • Size:
    Small no Base: 12 x 6 cm
    Small with Base: 12 x 6 cm
    Medium with Base: 18 x 8 cm
    Large with Base: 20 x 10 cm

There are four available variations of this tear-shaped glass & crystal decoration. These exciting eye-catchers grab the attention of guests, help define the design of a given room, and even inform you on upcoming weather patterns.

Yes, these marvelous contraptions can still perform their essential function of predicting future storms. Storm prediction glasses make for fantastic gifts, since they inspire conversations and curiosity while also contributing beauty and class to the profile of any room.

Not only is this storm glass tool slick and stylish, but it is also an excellent device that has been applied by people of many walks of life for centuries. Although many are unsure of the real birth of the storm glass, they rose to prominence in the mid 19th century, when the Crown began using them in their Royal Charter. Even if the reasons are not as dire, the storm glass has recently seen a revolution in its popularity- in many ways, more people are interested in the storm prediction glasses than ever, and it has indeed broken through its original niche market.

Regarding decor, these tear-shaped items are beautiful additions to any living space. Practically speaking there is real science behind the validity of these, drawing upon centuries of experience. Inside of the glass teardrop is a mysterious combination of crystals and a bright, clear liquid- when the electromagnetic energy in the climate begins to shift, the storm glass displays signs of this through the activation and motion of the suspended crystals. Typically, one or two days before a storm, the glass chamber begins to show a high concentration of white crystals as the air pressure begins to descend. If the crystals are at the bottom, it means the air is thick, and the item is sensing frost. If the liquid becomes dim, with tiny flakes, it suggests that there is a high potential for thunderstorms. When the liquid is clear and unperturbed, you will surely notice that the atmosphere is sunny and bright, while large flakes in the teardrop mean that the air is dense, the sky is overcast, and there is likely snow.

Even though these prediction glasses are becoming more stylish, they are still rare enough to be conversation-starters. Whether the teardrop is located in your living room or office, the conversations it spurs about the weather are surely more engaging than usual small talk on the same theme. These make fantastic gifts for just about anybody of any age- especially if the receiver is curious about scientific phenomena.

Made from glass & crystal, this storm prediction glass is shaped like a tear, and appears like a very fashionable decoration and contributor to a room’s aesthetic.