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Rabbit Tail Canvas Painting
Rabbit Tail Canvas Painting
Rabbit Tail Canvas Painting

Rabbit Tail Canvas Painting

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Please note all of our canvases come unframed and unstretched.
    • Modern Style
    • Canvas
    • Unframed
    • Waterproof Ink
    • Spray Painting
    • High resolution image

    Whether you are looking to spruce up the walls of your own home or business or looking to give a beautiful gift, these rabbit canvas prints are precisely what you are looking for.

    This unique couple of modern-style prints depicting a particularly curious rabbit on canvas is an absolute treat. Indeed, the charismatic creature featured in these works will add a cute dash of class to whichever wall he ends up gracing.

    Art at its best, is balances the simple and the elegant; it is thought-provoking without being pretentious. This is precisely what this sweet series cleanly achieves.

    Available in five different sizes- none of which are framed- this duo of dynamic shots printed on canvas can be purchased individually or in tandem with the other. Waterproof ink and spray painting techniques are used to finalize an impressively high-resolution image.

    Cute, stylish, and unmistakably modern in manner. Art is known to breathe life into any setting, and animals are the reigning champions of ‘cute’ on this planet, last time we checked. These two wonderfully executed artistic renderings portray the front and back side of the same rabbit, in the same moment; they encapsulate the aura of a complex creature with simplicity and detail, light and shadow, and class with modesty.

    A perfect fit for any environment- be it the home or the office; although there is no color in either of these unframed pieces, the character of these rabbit canvas works will surely keep them from adding a dullness to any room... Due to the fine line well-walked in the creation of these works of art, these rabbit canvas pieces work in a wide variety of rooms, environments, and atmospheres.

    We all love animals, and this particular rabbit embodies a fun curiosity, while the style in which the rabbit captured is undeniably sophisticated. For this reason, this set appeals to a wide range of people.

    The first piece, “Front,” shows the rabbit staring innocently forward- presumably right into the eyes of whoever is gazing at the work; ears are perked, and the head is tilted, as is so common and typical of rabbits. The other shows the same rabbit from behind, with the pointed ears stretching upward, peeking out over the rabbit’s humped back- as if that isn’t charming enough, the whole spectacle is highlighted by the iconic rabbit’s tail in the back- the little ball of fluff, as it were. They work well on their own but are particularly strong when purchased as a set; each is available in five different sizes, ranging from 8.27 x 11.81 inches to 23.62 x 31.50 inches.

    There are two different pieces here, each printed on the same style of canvas with waterproof ink. Each piece is of the highest quality, right down to the spray painted canvas and the high-resolution image which make up the piece. To further the modern minimalism and simplicity, the piece does not come in a frame. The resolution, however, is high to the point of near hyperrealism. The balance of formalities and the piece’s casual nature make for an excellent balance of the everyday and the pristine.