Skov™ - Artisan Wooden Coffee Mug
Skov™ - Artisan Wooden Coffee Mug
Skov™ - Artisan Wooden Coffee Mug
Skov™ - Artisan Wooden Coffee Mug

Skov™ - Artisan Wooden Coffee Mug

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This artisanal, Finnish-style wooden coffee mug will be enjoyed by every sophisticated coffee lover. Handcrafted combining classic Nordic design and contemporary style, the modern sensibilities in the engineering and design of this artisanal wooden coffee mug are absolutely breathtaking. 
  • Finnish Design
  • Material: Wood
  • Eco-friendly
  • 200-220 ml (Size varies due to hand crafted nature)
  • Rope Hanger

A wooden coffee mug such as this one elevates the experience of drinking coffee from something that is merely a casual routine in your day to something that is inspiring and for filling in a brand new way.

Is there any part of the day that is more important than your morning coffee? Well, perhaps your afternoon coffee. The point is- we should really pay more attention to what we drink our coffee out of, since so many of us place so much importance on coffee's role in our daily routine. Simply put, without our coffee in the morning, many of us can hardly even function.

So, with this in mind, why not do yourself (or the coffee lover in your life) the meaningful favor of making the morning coffee experience even better? The way to do this, of course, is to purchase yourself a coffee mug with which you feel an exceptional connection.

Any coffee lover will savor the opportunity to drink their coffee out of a rustic mug such as this, meaning that this a great gift idea.

Drinking coffee from wood instead of ceramic or steel makes such a profound effect on one's soul; the experience captures the humane, folk-ish, and creative nature of the modern sensibility.

The mug- which, despite its unique qualities, will harmonize with a vast array of kitchen and dining room environments- is shaped with a sweet, nifty handle; a handle which is incredibly sturdy and well-designed, featuring two holes for your fingers. This is counter to the typical coffee mug design, which features just one gaping area. The finger holes add even more character to the experience provided by this mug.

There is no reason not to do yourself a favor and buy something special drink coffee out of- as a gift for yourself or a coffee fiend in your life. If there were only one coffee mug in the world which deserves to be cherished, it might just be this one.