Skov™ - Wooden Bowl
Skov™ - Wooden Bowl
Skov™ - Wooden Bowl

Skov™ - Wooden Bowl

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With a rustic design and naturally elegant flair, this particular wooden bowl is nothing short of superb. Intentionally created to combine the luxurious and chic styles so often found in modern dinnerware with fundamental principles of natural charm, these fresh bowls are more than functional: they are beautiful.

  • Bowls
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Solid
  • Hand-made

Dishwasher-safe, hand-made, eco-friendly, and made from natural wood, these affordable wares will bring a burst of organic sophistication to your collection serving options.

The solid pattern genuinely accentuates the amount of class and distinction which organically exists in the wood from which it is crafted.

Adding these bowls to any dinnerware repertoire will prove to immediately upgrade your kitchen decor situation by an extensive margin.

This thoroughly impressive line of wooden bowls showcases a high-quality, hand-made, and eco-friendly option.

Each bowl is hand-crafted from natural wood, exuding the sort of rustic charm which can only be found in the most organically decadent items.

Humble kitchenware such as this is rarely so attainable. Indeed, it is due to the creation of bowls like this that high-quality dinnerware has never been more affordable, humble, and exciting.

Entirely hand-made, these 100% natural wood bowls feature a fabulous, low-maintenance style of design. The dark, robust wood stain is emblematic of the stylish simplicity embodied in the bowl. Balancing on the delicate line between luxurious and modest, this is a remarkably simple bowl which is deserving of admiration.

Full of designations which speak to the quality of this product, the bowls are CIQ, CE / EU, FDA, LFGB, and SGS certified.

Unlike the majority of elegant dinnerware, each of these dark-stained wooden bowls bears the favorable distinction of being dishwasher-safe. These versatile bowls can also be used for serving a variety of meal types, ranging from special occasions to everyday usage. Built from durable natural wood, this is an example of kitchenware at its most durable; it is as ageless in wear & tear as it is timeless in natural style.