Skov™ - Wooden Serving Set
Skov™ - Wooden Serving Set
Skov™ - Wooden Serving Set
Skov™ - Wooden Serving Set

Skov™ - Wooden Serving Set

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 These wooden serving sets are engaging, practical, and folksy. Made from natural wood and decadently hand-painted, this set of fork & spoon-style salad serving tools is as useful as it is sweet. This eco-friendly little set is near to the epitome of rustic, allowing a naturally timeless & classic wood-stained design to influence a practical & contemporary kitchen tool.

  • Dinnerware Sets
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Solid
  • Wood
  • 1 spoon & 1 fork
  • Exquisite, Beautiful Wood Grains, Natural Color
These wooden salad serving sets are eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and sophisticated. In these modern times, when every product seems to want to be flashy and elaborate, the boldest statement one can make regarding home decor is to return to the fundamentals; in this case, such a shift towards simplicity is exemplified by the beautiful wood grains which grace these high-quality utensils. With a simple and robust stain, the organic of this aesthetic is furthered by the hand-painted appearance, pronouncing the rich designs which effortlessly occur within the wood.

The natural beauty of these versatile wooden salad servers will harmonize in their aesthetic and contribute with their performance- no matter the theme of your kitchen and dining area; because of this stylistic flexibility, these charming wooden tools also make for excellent gifts.

Rustic kitchen utensils like this are perfect for mixing and serving salads or anything similar for which you may use them. This elegant pair features both a spoon and a fork, both with the same defining characteristics concerning their aesthetic (solid wood pattern, natural color) while each performs its distinct function.

As a low-maintenance option, this unique set also is easy to maintain and wash and is durable enough that it will endure frequent use and stand the test of time- in both functionality and style. Honestly, there are very few kitchenware options that are as durable as well-built utensils made from natural wood, such as these.

The CIQ, CE / EU, FDA, LFBG, and SGS certification distinctions re-affirm the dependable quality inherent in this lovely little collection.